Copiague High School Senior Killed in Gun Accident

Sean Smith, Reporter

Wilson Gil-Torres, 18, a Long Island teenager was accidentally shot and killed by his friend, Nefi Reyes, March 18. Wilson was shown a gun by Reyes in a room of an apartment on Great Neck Road, Copiague. Both men were seniors at Copiague High School. The handgun accidentally went off and fatally wounded Wilson.

Copiague High School went under lockdown considering that the incident took place less than a quarter mile from the school. Reyes was arrested and charged with second degree manslaughter. He is expected to appear in court in Central Islip. Wilson was going to graduate from Copiague in late June. Hundreds of fellow classmates and friends of Wilson gathered and lit candles to memorialize him. A service will be held for close friends and family this week.

“Wilson was a good kid and I still can’t believe the fact that he’s gone. He never failed to make anyone laugh,” said a Copiague junior who asked to remain anonymous.

“It’s beautiful how the community of Copiague all came together when we lost somebody,” said a Copiague senior, who also asked to remain anonymous. “We all got each and everyone’s back. Even though some may have not known the person, they came to support. This kid was part of our family, he helped make up our community and took part in it and he walked down our sidewalks, was a student at our schools, went into our deli’s and stores and everything. Lots of violence might occur out here, but at the end of the day we are family and family comes first, God Bless Copiague because we’re always there for anyone.”

According to friends and family, anyone who knew Wilson would have known that he was a good kid that wouldn’t harm anyone and he was taken way too soon. Wilson had so much ahead of him in his life, one of the most devastating things was that he didn’t have the chance to graduate high school, go to college, or get married and have children. At only 18, Wilson’s death is such a tragedy especially since it could have been prevented.