Mrs. Aymong’s Case is Almost Closed

Mrs. Aymong’s Case is Almost Closed

Nyatasha Jackowicz, Editor in Chief

The jury has returned and in the case of Mrs. Kate Aymong the verdict is we’ll miss you.

This year Mrs. Aymong is one among of a beloved group of teachers who are finishing their final year at Wantagh High School and they are graduating off to retirement. Mrs. Aymong is the Business Law teacher at WHS who arranges the People’s Court field trip, a field trip to Hofstra Law School’s mock trials as well as Hofstra University School of Law’s Moot Court competition at Plainview-Old Bethpage JFK High School. She has attended these trips and competition for many years. In the past two years she has selected teams that won second and third place overall, with about twenty teams in attendance.

A surprising fact about Mrs. Aymong is that she actually attended Wantagh High School as a student and even met her husband here, when they both coincidentally transferred to the school their sophomore year. After graduation she attended the University of Maryland and eventually became a business law professor at the Washington Business School. When she decided to move back to Long Island it was purely coincidental that Wantagh had a Business Law teaching position ready and waiting for her. Ever since then, for the past thirty years, she’s been teaching and assisting her students with all the tasks they have. She even runs the Work Study Program where many students go to get information or get connected to get a job.

Mrs. Aymong has made a big impression on the student body from the various trips and job opprotunities she provided over the years but the students have also given her a lot to cherish. Mrs. Aymong says, “ The best part about working here would have to be the plesant enivronment because everyone is very mannerly and respectful.”

“Kate is loved by her students because she is devoted to them,” said Mrs. Magnuson, who has taught with Mrs. Aymong and is also a neighbor of hers. “I can’t imagine how many paths she’s helped pave or direct (or redirect) through her hard work with the work study program or from her inspirational instruction in the classroom. Even now, as she enters the last 2 months of her career, she is always found prepping, grading, or meeting with her kids to prepare them for their trial. Kate is the consummate professional: in her dress, demeanor , and practice – Wantagh is losing a true touch of class.”

A lot of her time has gone into giving her students the tools to unlock their potential but that can only happen if they are willing to put in the work. Her favorite quote certainly embodies that idea and coincidentally it is located across the hall from her classroom. It reads, “Whatever you are, Be a good one,” and it was said by President Abraham Lincoln.
Mrs. Aymong has definitely been the best Business Law teacher and she never fails to educate students on how to be professional at all times. Her work ethic and personality really shines through to her peers. “Kate has been one of the most professional teachers I have ever worked with,” said Mr. Kravitz. “It’s been a privilege to work with such an outstanding person and teacher.”

Now Mrs. Aymong is going to spend her well deserved time off doing “Martha Stewart” activites. She hopes to relax, travel and may even try some new cooking styles not that she has time to explore new leisure activities. This time off could be seen as past due if you take into consideration the time Mrs. Aymong put in immediately after giving birth to her two daughters. Six weeks after each birth, she was back in the classroom teaching and that can be seen as a testiment to the hard work.