The End is a New Beginning for Mrs. Arcuri

The End is a New Beginning for Mrs. Arcuri

Jacqueline Schroder, Associate Editor

“Wantagh is a great environment to work in, the people are amazing… we all help each other,” said Mrs. Arcuri, an English teacher who has been dedicated to teaching at Wantagh for the past 30 years. While she is retiring after this semester, she will definitely not stop reading. Her love for literature will continue to grow even after her teaching.

Ever since September 1986, Mrs. Arcuri has loved all the small things about Wantagh. She believes that the children “keep you young,” and she loves to see when the light bulb goes off in their minds. “Knowing that you’ve impacted them is really special to me,” she says. “We have very good teachers in our school and in our department.”

Mrs. Arcuri had first intended to become a reading teacher. Because she wanted to be positive that she was investing her time in a subject she would enjoy, she became a literacy volunteer before she went back to graduate school for her masters degree in education. Her first job was in Carle Place teaching remedial reading and math, but then she moved on to Wantagh.

Her first two years here were in the middle school teaching eighth grade. After that, she moved up to the high school permanently to teach English. She was also very involved in extra-curricular activities, serving on the BEST Committee her first two years, chaperoning two trips to Europe, advising three classes, and also chairing the Senior Awards Committee for over five years, along with a number of other outside activities. She said that his was an important part of her teaching life, as this allowed her to get to know students on a different basis, not just that of teacher.

“I’m going to miss the routines, colleagues, students… everything,” she said. While retiring is going to be difficult for her, she is happy to have more time to herself. “I plan to read a lot, get myself into a routine, and involve myself again in volunteer work.” Mrs. Arcuri is going to enjoy sleeping in and traveling to different places around the world. Specifically, she wants to visit Europe, especially Italy. She is ecstatic to have more time to spend with her family.

“The staff really cares about the students, and I’m going to miss it all,” said Mrs. Arcuri.