Wantagh Senior and Her Father Survive March Small Plane Crash

Karen Kawecki, Reporter

Wantagh High School student Rachel Obergh and her father survived a plane crash on Long Island, March 5. Rachel and her father were coming back to Long Island from visiting colleges in Rhode Island. They were in a single engine plane (a Cirrus SR22) and used the plane’s parachute while crash landing in an industrial park.

This was the 63rd time a Cirrus shoot has deployed and saved lives, according to the Cirrus Owners and Pilots Association.

Mr. Obergh, an experienced pilot, deployed the parachute 1,500 feet before hitting the ground. They landed 8 miles away from their target in a grassy area in Hauppauge after the plane lost engine power.

The 2 were very lucky to survive with just a few minor injuries. The plane plummeted for about 30 seconds before hitting the ground.

Rachel says that this was a huge life changing experience for her. “It definitely made me take a step back and realize how much of a gift life is,” said Obergh, a Wantagh High School senior. Rachel is so excited to get back on a plane the first chance she gets.

She and her father are just happy to be alive to have survived this undescribable experience.