Conspiracy Theory: Can Mr. Kravitz Speak French?

Cristina Zirilli, Reporter

Mr. Kravitz often utters French phrases while we are in journalism class. Can he really speak French though? His accent is exaggerated but also authentic sounding. I conducted some interviews to find out.

First, I asked Jacqueline Schroder, an Associate Editor of The Warrior, if she thinks that Mr. Kravitz speaks French. “Mr. Kravitz is definitely not fluent in French,” said Schroder, though she doesn’t speak any French. Ouch. Perhaps Mr. Kravitz should try Rosetta Stone? Maybe they have a teacher discount for that.

“Though I have no experience with the French language,” says Matt Schroh, who has taken Spanish for 4 years now, “I still probably know more than him.”

As an avid speaker of French myself, I was initially shocked to hear Mr. Kravitz speak some French in class, and I can admit he does have knowledge of some expressions.

Upon asking Madame Vargas-Curatola, Wantagh High School’s French teacher, her feelings on the matter she recited the quote by Frank Smith that, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” In response to hearing that Mr. Kravitz attempts to inject some French into journalism class since some of the journalism students are French students as well, she said, “I’d consider myself privileged to have an educator willing to expand my understanding of the world around me and think about things differently – both attributes that would guide one towards accessing every opportunity encountered.”

Mr. Kravitz is well traveled so it is interesting to see everyone’s different viewpoints on his language abilities. He also improved his “gringo” Spanish on a recent trip to Argentina and he has shared it with our class. Never stop dreaming Krav.