Spirited Homecoming Thrills Community


Grace Anne Mckenna, Editor in Chief

Wantagh High School students and middle school members of varsity and junior varsity teams flooded the turf and bleachers, September 16. Their spirit was contagious as they celebrated Pep Rally and eagerly awaited Homecoming the next day.

The band played music as the teams ran onto the field from the side gate. Captains and coaches of each team were announced while students and athletes cheered. Following the dance team, the cheerleaders performed alongside the pep band. The golf team made a unique entrance as they walked in casually. Last, the massive varsity football team ran onto the field.

The next day, clubs, teams, and town associations marched proudly down Wantagh Avenue before the game. Some of these groups included, the varsity football team, Miss Wantagh and her court, Key Club, class clubs, and of course, the Homecoming court. The main attraction was the class club’s floats. Each club spent 2 weeks working on floats that were attached to the back of pickup trucks as they made their way down the avenue. The main theme was “Comic Superheroes”, which will be used once again for spirit night in the spring. The freshman’s float was X-Men. The sophomore’s was The Amazing Spider-Man. The junior’s was The Avengers. The Senior’s was Justice League. Wantagh citizens lined the streets, cheering for their family and friends. Afterwards, they headed back to the high school to admire the floats and gather for the upcoming game.

With more energy and determination, the varsity football team broke through a banner and bolted onto the field once again on Saturday to start off the Homecoming game. The Warriors conquered the Lynbrook Owls, 31-0. The win made the Warriors 3-0.

Halftime was the main attraction of the game since this is when Homecoming king and queen are announced. Although Wantagh citizens listened intently to who would be crowned, the names called for Homecoming king and queen were no surprise to the high school students, especially the senior class. This year, Wantagh seniors nominated and voted for two special education students to become king and queen. Cecilia Casella and Logan Hartman were ecstatic when their names were announced on Friday at pep rally and once again at Homecoming the following day. In addition , Paul Roemer and Ally Murphy became first runners-up and Dylan Hupert and Nicole Ninivaggi were given the title of second runners-up.

Even after the game was over, the excitement still lingered throughout the rest of the day. Wantagh alumni and News 12 reporter, Erin Colton, featured a story on the event. In addition, the General Organization Club, who ran Pep Rally and Homecoming, tweeted “Today’s Homecoming parade and game were a success!”