Are Class Bests really the Bests?


Sean Smith , Editor in Chief

Most likely every senior has been looking forward to see which of their classmates are recognized for Class Bests since ninth grade and some may have wanted to win one as early as then. But are these class bests actually accurate?

Some seniors may criticize Class Bests because they believe it is just a popularity contest. Other critics say that nobody should win more than one category.

“I felt the Class Bests were pretty accurate this year,” says Wantagh Senior John Butcher. “I don’t feel it was a popularity contest at all. And those who won truly deserved it.”

This year Wantagh Seniors who won the most Class Bests were Jimmy Joyce, Kevin Ganzekaufer and Mikaela Scibelli. All won three Bests. Scibelli captured, Most Spirited, Senior You Will Most Likely Remember in 15 Years and Most Outgoing while also winning three Runner Ups.

Joyce who won Best Looking, Most Athletic, and Best Physique says it would have been better if the Bests could have been more spread out. However, he of course had to add that he won because he’s a ‘Beast.’” Ganzekaufer won Best Actor, Best Voice and Most Outgoing and also won three runner ups tying Scibelli.

“I think Class Bests are rigged,” says a Wantagh Senior, who chose to remain anonymous. “All the popular students win and the true winners are not recognized for their talents.”

“I think Class Bests are fun for our graduating class,” says WHS Senior Hailey Small.

Some Seniors feel indifferent and that it can go either way. “Class Bests can be a confidence booster,” says Wantagh Senior Victoria Ferrera. “But at the same time it can decrease someone’s confidence significantly. It depends on who you are.”

“I feel these Bests were very inaccurate this year and I think the problem was that they were due the day we got back from Boston and the day of pep rally and other things were on people’s minds and they simply forgot to hand it in or lost the sheet,” says another Wantagh Senior.

In addition to Class Bests for the graduating students, many people seem to forget that the Teacher Class Bests are also voted upon, however the winning Wantagh staff is usually not revealed until the day the Seniors get the yearbook in June.

“I win Best Dressed almost every year and I always laugh about that sometimes I don’t think I am,” says Mrs. Magnuson, Wantagh High School English teacher, who also said they didn’t even have class bests at her high school.

Class Bests were revealed on September 26, 2016. If you would like to see which seniors won for class bests for this year’s graduating class go to the bulletin board across from the Freshman Cafeteria.