Mixed Feelings about Apple Update

Mixed Feelings about Apple Update

Audrey Abbate, Entertainment Editor

Recently, Apple has updated its software to the ios 10, and there have been significant changes: everything from Siri suggestions, to slide to unlock, and the most talked about the gun emoji disappearance. I’ve just downloaded the update and I’m still not used to the new software.

From what I’ve heard from fellow iPhone users, they all had mixed feelings about the update. It seems like at first the users hate then it grows on them. I received my first iPod touch when I was seven years old. Therefore, I have observed the evolution of Apple’s soft wares, iPhones, iPods, and iPod touches. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the iPhone 7.

The update has gotten rid of the slide-to-unlock option, now you have to press the home button to unlock. This is confusing for many iPhone users, including myself.

“I couldn’t figure out how to unlock the phone, it took a while to get used to the new update,” said W.H.S. sophomore Lauren Salerno. You also have to swipe to the left to access your camera.The notifications have a new look too. Once you turn on your phone you can notice the difference in the software.

Another controversial change is the disappearance of the gun emoji. The revolver emoji has been replaced with a bright green and orange squirt gun emoji. There has been different opinions on the disappearance of the gun emoji. Could this be because of gun violence in America? Tragically, tens of thousands of Americans continue to die each year in gun-related violence.