Not to Toot Its Own Horns, But Band Impresses at Newsday Marching Festival

Emily Boden, Reporter

Wantagh High School’s Marching Band, directed by Mrs. Dragovich and Mr. Aviles, showcased its field show at the 54th annual Newsday Marching Festival at Mitchel Field Athletic Complex, October 18.

The band’s field show is entitled “Three Decades of Rock” which includes, Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones (1966), Any Way You Want It by Journey (1981) and Live and Let Die by Paul McCartney (1991). The band starts off strong with Paint It Black which is under the field direction of drum major Brittney Minutoli.

The Wantagh Varsity Dance Team performs alongside the band with color guard. Color guard captains, Gill Groom and Dani Benedetto, choreographed routines to Paint It Black and Live and Let Die with help from coach Brianna Ruda. The second number the field show is Any Way You Want It. During this second number the field is under the direction of drum major Dylan Hupert.

During this number the band is at a stand still, while the dance team performs. The Wantagh Varsity Dance dance captains, Iva Kalinkova and Alyssa Locascio, choreographed the routine to Any Way You Want It. The dance team showcases their leaps and turns, along with a great kickline during the chorus of the song.

To end the field show with a “bang”, the band plays Paul McCartney’s hit song, Live and Let Die. The field is now under the field direction of drum major, Lizzy Goldrick. During this number, All National Jazz Soloist, Dan Hirsch, performs a solo while the dance team circles him doing flag work. This routine is filled with hard tosses with the flags. Wantagh High School Marching Band has an advanced field show, although they make it look so easy!

To end the night,Wantagh Superintendent Maureen Goldberg, along with drum majors, Brittney Minutoli, Dylan Hupert and Lizzy Goldrick, and all four Wantagh Varsity Dance Team captains, Alyssa Locascio, Iva Kalinkova, Gillian Groom and Dani Benedetto, received an award given out by Newsday Marching Band Festival. Overall, Newsday Marching Band Festival was a success for Wantagh High School as they showcase another one of their great field shows.