Mrs. Schmieder Enjoys Her Transition to Wantagh

Mrs. Schmieder Enjoys Her Transition to Wantagh

Sean Smith, Editor in Chief

Mrs. Schmieder has started her journey as an English teacher in Wantagh. After teaching for five years at Cold Spring Harbor Junior Senior High School, Mrs. Schmieder has come to Wantagh and she is a great addition to the Wantagh English Department. Mrs. Schmieder says Wantagh and Cold Spring Harbor are similar in class size and that athletics are a big part in both communities. So far she has had a very good experience teaching at Wantagh.

She enjoys spending time with her husband and her 1-year-old chocolate lab, Guinness. She also likes to jog and train for races, take her dog to the park, and binge watch science fiction shows. She also loves the outdoors and tries to go
camping in upstate New York every summer, but since she is an English teacher, Mrs. Schmieder is naturally an avid reader.

In addition to teaching English classes at Cold Spring Harbor, Mrs. Schmieder also advised the school newspaper. She says they did investigative journalism and wrote about issues in the school, and that her students really enjoyed it.

“Although advising the school newspaper is a passion of mine, I would never dream of wrenching it from Mr. Kravitz while he is still here,” says Mrs. Schmieder, laughing.

Mrs. Schmieder teaches ninth and tenth grade and she is currently reading “The Pearl” with her freshman and “12 Angry Men” with her sophomores. Her favorite work to teach is anything Shakespeare-related, and she can’t wait to start “Romeo and Juliet” and “Julius Caesar.” Mrs. Schmieder is very intelligent and kind. Wantagh gladly welcomes her to our community.