American University Students Burn American Flags

Olivia Vinson, Reporter

There are many American citizens who are less than pleased to hear that Donald Trump has been elected president. Students at American University in Washington DC, have experienced this hatred on a new level. Students took to the front of the dining hall building to express their anger by burning American flags, November 9.

These protesters do not believe in Donald Trump or what he stands for. Many think the outcome of the previous election will cause America to go down in flames, hence the fiery flags. “Black Lives Matter” and “Stand against anti-Muslim bigotry” signs were displayed in the area as well. These particular students back up their actions by saying they want to put an end to racism. They obviously believe that Trump is not the answer to this ever-lasting world problem.

Fiona Gier, a sophomore at American University, witnessed this insane event on her way to class. Fiona saw over a hundred people gathered outside of the dining hall building, watching a few individuals burning the flag.

“It was horrifying and disturbing to see people of our country burn the flag,” said Gier. “I understand that the outcome of the election wasn’t what people wanted, but there is no need to burn something that should unite the country.”

Fiona’s mother, Marie Geir, agreed that the protests were very dangerous.

“I think it’s great that young millennials want to voice their opinions but they should do so in a respectful manner,” said Marie Geir. “The outrage those students exhibited was very aggressive and I think an embarrassment to our great nation.”

Marie also mentioned that American University won’t even allow students to burn candles in their dorms and questioned how they could possibly allow the symbol of America to be set ablaze. America is a country of free speech and the right to protest, but the questions is: Is this the right way to voice opinions?