Time to Mix It Up

Sabrina Hill, Reporter

Mix it up day is the best day of the year. On this past October 25th’s version, a select few seniors were chosen to decorate the freshman cafeteria, sit, and chat with freshmen to make them feel comfortable and really get them out of their shells.

For periods 4-8, each senior is assigned to a themed table where individual freshman students make new friends and tell the seniors, and new people they meet, about themselves. The themes may be something like valentine’s day theme, or red white and blue theme and other themes that the seniors can dress up too and look wacky so it makes it easier for the freshman to talk to them. When freshmen first come into high school they are usually very intimidated by the upperclassmen, which is understandable especially if they tower over them in height. Walking by the school freshman cafeteria you would think they’re throwing a party in there!

“When I was a freshman I loved mix it up day because I got to come out of my shell and really show everyone myself and no one cared, so because of that the seniors loved me,” says Wantagh High School senior Kevin Ganzekaufer.

“The freshman are so cute I can just squeeze them,” says senior Ally Murphy.

Not only did the freshmen get to mix it up, but so did the teachers. You had English teachers teaching for the science teachers, and social studies teachers teaching for math teachers. It was crazy. As fun of a day it was it was also funny to watch. Mr. Naughton, an economics teacher, was teaching my pre-calc math class. It was hysterical! He called on kids and made them say the answer cause he wasn’t even sure of it. It was a fun day for all and everyone became just a little bit closer.