AP Seminar Classes Try to Escape

Brianna McCartney, Reporter

Are you capable of escaping a locked room with only three hints and an extremely challenging puzzle? Recently, Wantagh’s two AP seminar classes went on a field trip to “Can You Escape?” in Mineola, November 29, in order to improve team building skills for our upcoming AP tasks. “Can You Escape?” has a lot of different rooms in it that each pose their own challenge. Our class groups were separated into different rooms, each room with its own unique surprises.

The room that my group was locked in was called “Once Upon a Time” and the goal was to retrieve a red key in order to escape. All of the challenges had to do with a child’s fairytale. To escape this room, there were numerous games and activities that we had to complete that would allow us to unlock a new door, that would eventually help us to escape in the end. We had one hour and three hints, if necessary, to escape the room. Although our group did not escape, we were very close and we had a lot of fun. The “Once Upon a Time” room had many surprises throughout it and it was quite difficult, so don’t expect it to be a breeze.

There were a handful of other rooms at “Can You Escape?” that the other groups in our class participated in. They included: The Interrogation Room, Escape the Subway, Prison Break, and The Apartment. These rooms had challenges that had to be figured out in order to escape, but they all had a different theme and different types of activities.

Overall, the AP seminar classes enjoyed their trip to “Can You Escape?” In the end, only one group was able to escape the room that they were in, but everyone had a great time and we were all talking about it for the rest of the day.

“Although it was a little tricky trying to figure our way out, we realized that even though we are all different, we share the same goal,” said sophomore Grace Anne McKenna.

“Can You Escape?” was a lot of fun and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a very different experience with a group. It was a great way to bring our new groups together and form new friendships. Our teacher Mrs. Naughton said, “Students will never really know how to do team work until you’ve been locked in a room with your group.”