Wantagh Decimated by Pre-Holiday Illness

Sabrina Hill, Reporter

Half of the students in Wantagh High School were sick the week of December 19-23, right before the holiday break. Students and teachers were sick with the stomach virus and the flu and germs that spread rapidly. Teachers and students called in sick unable to get out of bed. I could barely walk or even lift my head. Eating and drinking was an issue and any physical activity was impossible.

Stuffy noses and headaches are circling the halls of Wantagh High and it seemed like it would never end. A few students went to school with doctor masks on trying to protect themselves from the plague that fills classrooms. People did whatever they could to be happy and healthy for the holidays. Everyone was excited for present opening and family filled rooms, with lots of food and love. Those poor souls who were sick had quiet, somewhat sad, holidays.

As I was at the doctor I even saw one of my teachers walk in because he was just as sick as I was. Twenty-four teachers called in sick on December 19, and 27 were absent December 21. Not to mention about 200 students were absent, on the average, all week. We can’t forget about the students who are currently in school who are not well. Neither students nor staff should not be here if they don’t feel 100% okay. This is just another way germs spread and another way for more students and teachers to get sick.