Watson + Math = Success


Lauren Salerno, Viewpoints Editor

Math, some students wish to drop the subject as soon as they hit senior year, others such as our school’s newest recruit to the Wantagh Faculty, Mr. Watson, has made built a life around math. Mr. Watson has had experience with grades 6-12 in supervising and teaching the topic.

Before joining our Wantagh family, Mr. Watson worked in Deer Park for 11 years. He had experience supervising grades 6-12 which only dealt with a small percentage a students because it did not include elementary school students.

Why did Mr. Watson choose Wantagh?

“I choose Wantagh because it gave me an opportunity to start working on younger grades and different schools,” he said. While working in Deer Park Mr. Watson never experienced working with 3 elementary schools, a middle school, and high school all with a changing curriculum.

Curriculum is constantly changing and because of this the teachers also must learn the new material. As hard as it is Mr. Watson said, “While it is a rigorous curriculum to learn and it is a solid curriculum; the problem is that it was implemented in such a way that the student is lacking prior knowledge to other classes.”

“Teachers are constantly trying to bridge the gaps,” added Watson.

Mr. Watson has been in the field for awhile and knows the material and plans on helping our Wantagh community through the changing curriculum and hopes to become closer with his new Wantagh family.