Wantagh Church Attracts Attention

Wantagh Church Attracts Attention

Sean Smith , Editor in Chief

If you live in Wantagh, live close by or are just passing through you may have noticed the Wantagh Memorial Congregational Church on Wantagh Avenue features a sign with controversial quotes, many of them political. Whether you agree with this form of speech or not, it is attracting a lot of attention in our town. On social media there have been thousands of likes, shares and comments about these quotes. It has become a national story.

News 12 featured a story about these church’s signs, February 7. Quotes displayed on the sign outside the church were: “Jesus was a refugee” and “You must not oppress foreigners.” The quotes purpose seems to be a subtle reaction to Trump’s recent executive order on banning immigration from Muslim countries.

Some Wantagh residents find the church’s quotes extremely inspirational and appropriate. Other residents eagerly anticipate the next Sunday quote.

“It’s unique and people will stop to look at the sign, it attracts attention,” says Wantagh Junior Audrey Abbate.
Other Wantonians disagree with this and believe it does not belong in our town let alone a place of worship. The church has also put up quotes aimed at the LGBTQ community such as: “A gay Christian is not an oxymoron a hateful Christian most certainly is.” Not all quotes were found as controversial and instead tried to accomplish religious humor like: “Hard to get up on Sunday morning? Try raising from the dead.”