Seniors Recognized by Official Nickelodeon Twitter Account


Jenna Miller, Associate Editor

Wantagh High School’s class of 2018 surely made waves at Homecoming this year on September 16 when they displayed their float inspired by the incarnation of the Nickelodeon channel they grew up with in the early 2000’s – but little did they know their float would go on to being recognized by the officially-run Twitter account for Nick Splat, a programming block on the TeenNick channel which broadcasts some of Nickelodeon’s most famous shows from years gone by such as Hey Arnold!, CatDog, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Kenan & Kel.

The float the seniors designed is the embodiment of a trip down memory lane back to the days when Nickelodeon’s logo was an orange splat, adorned with a large sculpture of the splat surrounded by the likenesses of characters from Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, SpongeBob SquarePants, CatDog, and The Fairly Odd Parents, as well as smaller splats with the first name of one senior on each splat. The float also was decorated with green paper cut to resemble Nickelodeon’s iconic slime, which has been a staple of the channel since 1981 – two years after the channel first debuted in 1979.

The official Nick Splat Twitter page, @NickSplat, tweeted three photos of the float seen from different angles, with “All the high fives to @WantaghHS class of 2018 for this A+ @Nickelodeon-themed homecoming float!” as a caption. The tweet got over 41 retweets and 142 likes from Wantagh students and classic Nickelodeon fans alike.