Mean Tweets


Jenna Miller, Associate Editor

One of the highlights of the Senior Variety Show for 2017 held on November 15 was the “Mean Tweets” video in which teachers read and reacted to fake Twitter posts, or tweets, intended to poke fun at the teachers.

Math teacher Mrs. Martin’s love for squirrels, as well as her tendency to always quote “Number nine!” whenever she gets up to a question numbered 9, were touched upon as well as the recurring inside joke among the students that English and Journalism teacher Mr. Kravitz resembles actor Bruce Willis. One thing that stood apart about Mr. Kravitz’s segment was that he was the only teacher who memorized his mean tweets instead of reading them off a computer screen or a cell phone like the others. Mr. Colavita’s love for Star Wars was also made fun of, as a mean tweet he had to read claimed he slept with a plush Yoda at night; in addition, one mean tweet compared Mr. Tallarine’s fiery tendencies to those of Anger from Inside Out.

Another teacher who stood out in the video was Mr. Benner, who would verbally defend himself after reading his mean tweets. All Mr. Ruane’s mean tweets made references to the great Irish potato famine in some way or another as a nod to his Irish heritage. Even Mrs. Breivogel had a mean tweet to read, comparing her to a cheerleader due to her peppy, always-smiling demeanor! The video ended with a surprise from Mr. Brown, whose mean tweet joked how he “isn’t allowed in the drama class because he’d give himself the lead role.” He reacted to the tweet by singing a full-length musical song! The video generated some groans, though for the most part it made many students, faculty members, and relatives of both laugh.