Michael Fillizola Crowned Champion of Pizza-Eating Contest

Jenna Miller, Associate Editor

Wantagh High School’s Key Club branch hosted an interesting and creative fundraiser, December 14. The fundraiser, set up to raise money for the Wantagh 6-12 Association’s “HUGS” committee, whose goal is to support families in times of need such as serious illnesses or loss of a loved one, was a pizza-eating contest.

Students of all ages competed, including myself; I was the only girl competing. In the contest, the competitors’ aim was to eat the most amount of pizza slices within two minutes. We had no utensils though we could use our hands. The pizza slices were conventional triangular slices cut in half.

Senior Michael Fillizola won the contest by wolfing down five and a half slices; his prize was a large trophy. In comparison, I was only able to finish approximately two and a half. The contest helped raise lots of money, as tickets to compete were $5, tickets to watch were $1, and many were there to cheer on the competition and support their friends.