Mongelli’s Energy for Art is Contagious


Ms. Mongelli

Audrey Abbate, Entertainment Editor

Wantagh’s art department has welcomed a new art teacher, Ms. Mongelli. After Ms. Mac retired last year, we begin a new art movement with Ms. Mongelli. Even though she’s young, she seems very experienced in art and its fascinating culture. She’s very passionate about art. She and I discussed the temporary Michelangelo exhibit in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Her energy makes me want to take up an art class again. In addition to giving her this interview, I told her about my intended major (Communication/Journalism), and she said, “Well, writing is an art.”

The Warrior: How did you get into art?
Ms. Mongelli: “I always loved art since I was a kid. Taking classes, drawing, painting by number…”
The Warrior: Are there any other artists in your family?
Ms. Mongelli: “My aunt was; the rest of my family isn’t artistic. My brother is all science.”
The Warrior: What’s so enjoyable about teaching art?
Ms. Mongelli: “I like teaching art because I like teaching every kind of art. I like drawing, painting, and printmaking. Art has a little bit of it all.”
The Warrior: Which college(s) did you attend?
Ms. Mongelli: “I went to Syracuse for my undergrad and got my master’s at Queens College. It was perfect for education and art, as I could combine the two.”
The Warrior: Did anybody inspire you?”
Ms. Mongelli: “My aunt, but mostly my parents. They always encouraged me to do what I enjoy. They were very supportive.
The Warrior: What’s your favorite museum in New York City?”
Ms. Mongelli: “Definitely The Met, it’s just awesome.”
The Warrior: Favorite museum in the world?
Ms. Mongelli: “I studied abroad in Florence; there’s no specific museum. The churches in Europe are amazing; they are like museums themselves.”
The Warrior: Any top artists?
Ms. Mongelli: “Definitely Michelangelo and da Vinci. For modern artists…. Madden, Turner, and Rothko. I like their color use. Even though I love art, it’s hard to find artwork to put in your own house.”
The Warrior: Have you taught anywhere else?
Ms. Mongelli: “I taught in Manhattan for two years at two different schools.”
The Warrior: What’d you think of Ms. Mac’s room when you saw it?
Ms. Mongelli: “Unfortunately, I never got to see it before it was cleaned up, but I heard it was ‘some’ room. I’m upset because I heard it was quite a sight to see.”