Model Congress Much More than Debate

Grace Kane, Reporter

Model Congress is a debate club here at Wantagh High School supervised by Mr. Benner.

This club consists of delegations battling out other teams through debating, activities, cheers and so much more. There are 8 delegations included in Model Congress. The delegations are Tri-D (which is Wantagh, Seaford and Bellmore combined), New Rochelle, Hewlett, Oceanside, Lawrence, East Meadow, Herricks and Long Beach. All of the delegations have a board consisting of a general chair, assistant general chair, delgate chair, agenda chair and financial chair. Each delegation hosts their annual Congress from 4pm-9pm on Fridays and 8:30am-9pm on Saturdays, with a theme for the weekend.

Recently, at the Oceanside Model Congress, Tri-D proudly won its congress battle. They put in loads of effort and won all the activities they could, including debating, jump romp contest, relay race, hungry hippo, more debating and other fun activities. Along with board and delegation cheers and a theme of superheroes, they made waves as the most decorous and decorative delegation. All their hard work surely paid off!

“It’s my favorite club and winning OMC just made it so much better,” freshman Olivia Corwin says.

“Joining this club was the best decision of my life,” freshman Allison Russo says.