Nor’easter Cancels School for Most Long Island Students but at Wantagh the Show Goes on

Marie Gonias, Reporter

As predicted by weather forecasters, a nor’easter was supposed to hit the Long Island area quite badly on March 7.

Many students, teachers, and parents were expecting to have a day off from school considering the prediction awful weather. Since there was no call sent out on Tuesday March 6, many students went to bed unsure if they would have to attend school the next day.

The next day, many schools from the neighboring towns surrounding Wantagh got the call that due to the inclimate weather, school was cancelled for the day. Schools such as, Mepham, Calhoun, JFK, Baldwin, Freeport, and Long Beach were closed.

“I was expecting school to be cancelled, but I never received a call, so I figured that I had to go,” said WHS junior Maggie L’Eplattenier. Driving was not terrible, until about 6th period, when it started snowing.

In fact, the snow was so bad that an announcement was made during 7th period that all 9th period classes and after school activities were cancelled, a very rare early dismissal for Wantagh.

Although it continued to snow throughout the day, by nightfall the snow had come to a complete stop and school proceeded normally the next day. And best of all Wantagh students and staff still have Thursday March 29 off as they would have had to go to school that day had school been cancelled.