Wantagh Journalists Enjoy Another Press Day at Adelphi


Jenna Miller, Associate Editor

Mr. Kravitz’ Journalism II class attended Press Day at Adelphi University to learn more about journalism in today’s press environment, as well as attend an award ceremony granting awards to the best student journalists and newspapers throughout Long Island, February 28. This is the second Press Day the class attended; the first, in December, was held at Hofstra University.

The topic of this Press Day was essentially the same as Hofstra’s; it focused on the rising trend and threat of fake news. The event opened with a small breakfast consisting of apples and croissants, then segued into a slideshow presented by Salvatore J. Fallica, an Adelphi faculty member and New York University professor who teaches courses about propaganda, communication theory, and celebrity culture. The slideshow focused on how to detect and avoid fake news. It was followed by a panel discussion in which students could ask questions about the slides if they had any.

The highlight of the day was the Quill Awards, held right after lunch that day and presented to student journalists and newspapers who were nominated by teachers and hand-picked by the Adelphi staff. All the winners were exemplary journalists and newspapers who the staff felt showed skill worthy of an award. The awards were presented in 15 categories: Best Photograph, Best Illustration or Cartoon, Best Layout, Best One-Page Layout, Best Sports Story or Column, Best Arts Review, Best Opinion Piece, Best Editorial, Best Feature Article, Best News Article, Best Online Newspaper, Best Online Writing, Best Freelance Work, Most Outstanding Reporter and Most Outstanding Newspaper.

Wantagh High School took home a prize for the 14th year in a row, as junior Grace Anne McKenna was awarded Honorable Mention for Best News Article with her article entitled “A Transition of Power Creates Sense of Wantagh Pride,” about Ms. Goldberg stepping down as superintendent and passing the role on to Mr. McNamara. The article was in the April 28, 2017 issue.