Twitter Photo with Gun Fires Controversy


Brenna Spencer (Twitter)

Marie Gonias, Reporter

A University of Tennessee Chattanooga graduate, who posted a photo on Twitter with a gun, sparked a controversy. The photo of Brenna Spencer, 22, showing a handgun wedged into her jeans’ waistband has triggered strong reactions. Spencer told ABC News she wanted the photo to “show who I am as a person.” The photo she posted on her Twitter (@BrennaSpencer) was captioned with “I don’t take normal college graduation photos…”

Members of the Left responded that the photoshoot was “unnecessary,” and that using a gun to make a political point is irresponsible gun ownership. Brenna claimed on Twitter, “I think it’s really important to empower people to show that you should be allowed to protect yourself. Your rights don’t stop at a college campus.” Although this photo of flaunting her Second Amendment right sparked plenty of backlash online, Brenna claims her intentions were not to offend anyone.