It’s a Trade – Mr. Benner for Ms. Pepe plus Two First Round Draft Choices


Ms. Pepe

Grace Kane, Associate Editor

The popular social studies Mr. Benner left Wantagh High School for another position in September.

He is now a dean in Mineola and Ms. Pepe has taken over his full-time position. She had originally left for another position in a different district. But, since Mr. Benner left,  when she was offered the his job, Ms. Pepe realized she had to return to Wantagh.

“I was devastated and didn’t want to leave,” says Ms. Pepe. “It was very sad leaving my colleagues and students.”

Mr. Benner did a lot for the sophomore grade like planning the DC trip. Now that he is gone, the administration is not to sure the sophomore class will continue that tradition. Also, Mr. Benner was the advisor for Model Congress. Now, the club had to get a new advisor, who must learn how to run the club.

“I’m very happy for him, he reached the goal he was working towards but I’m very upset to see him go,” says Ms. Pepe.

Mr. Benner left suddenly a couple days right before school started in September. Both of these social studies teachers had to make big changes in their lives with little time. “It was the craziest week of my life in a good way,” says Ms. Pepe.

Ms. Pepe now teaches honors classes along with regular classes and has a very busy schedule.

“I absolutely love world history so I’m so excited to be teaching these classes.” says Ms. Pepe. “Having all of my students from last year is also really great, as I am their class advisor.”

Ms. Pepe is also the key club advisor. She is a great addition to our staff and has inspired many students to get involved. She is a young, energetic spirit full of ideas. Her students adore her.

Ms. Pepe has had a big impact on Wantagh and its students. Ms. Pepe says she can say the same about our town, “Wantagh has made me sure I made the right career choice.”

“Ms. Pepe is a teacher who you can feel comfortable talking to about anything,” says one of her former students, sophomore Bianca Falco.