New Apple Watch Series 4 Could Save Your Life

Alexa Salerno, Reporter

Apple is known for unveiling its greatest(and more expensive) technology in September during its annual convention. Last year, the electronics giant released the new Apple Watch Series 3 which included many new features. This included the highly anticipated GPS and Cellular features which allows users to send and receive calls on their watches. Users can now also use their watches without using having their phones close by with the new Apple Watch Series 4.

The new Apple Watch is the first major redesign since its debut in 2015. The new Apple Watch Series 4 will have rounded edges, a slimmer body, and 30% more screen space to tap tiny icons and texts. This new Apple Watch is also a health-tracking powerhouse. This watch is aimed at a new demographic – the elderly.

One new tool, for example, recognizes when a user falls and automatically sends a notification to their emergency contact. This watch uses FDA approved technology that alerts you when your heartbeat requires medical attention. The watch focuses on atrial fibrillation which develops in 2%-3% of American Citizens over the course of their lifetime. When the upper chambers of the heart beat irregularly, it can lead to a defibrillating stroke. This, obviously, poses multiple health threats that this watch can help manage.

This new technology has the potential to change the everyday lives of many people from every demographic.