Protests Erupt in France

Cole Belling, Reporter

Political uproar has encompassed France recently as a violent group of protesters, known as the yellow vests, are waging war on the aristocrats who run the country. This started as a small protest over gas prices (and the policies of French President Emmanuel Macron) and has now turned into a violent countrywide movement.  

A “leader” of this protest was recently arrested by French authorities. He set up a social media page to inspire others to join a cause that he claims was inspired by Macron’s wealth. His views on reform which inspired so many to vote for him have become little more than an old folktale as he slants the economy to favor wealthy french citizens. Upon hearing the purpose of the yellow vesters, many of the French are quick to take their side.

Alas, the means by which they attempt to get these points across are filled with anger, hate, and violence. Rage-fueled riots have broken out at many protests and tensions are high. With at least 10 deaths so far and no end in sight a new disease called fear has begun to quietly creep through the rest of Europe and seep into the rest of the world. Infected by fear, the Egyptian government has banned the sale of yellow vests and France has banned the wearing of masks in protests as an attempt to stop the spread of this increasingly global movement. A hushed whisper of protest traveled through Canada until eventually it reached those who would take action. As of January 8, protests are popping up in Toronto, Ottawa and other parts of  Canada.

The French government has promised a tougher stance on these protesters after repeatedly giving in by increasing wages and decreasing prices. Looted and damaged property has been an issue in these protests but the government now says that protesters who cause these conditions must pay for the repairs. It is highly unlikely that protesters with so little regard for property will follow these law. Bridges are being blocked off, cops are being attacked and a river boat restaurant has even been set ablaze. Chaotic turmoil continues to spread through France and the government appears to be helpless to stop it.