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Dominick Rossi and Christian Barberio

Grace Kane, Associate Editor

Two of Wantagh’s very own sophomores, Dominick Rossi and Christian Barberio, have started their own company, Gateway Apparel. It has been a true hit among their fellow classmates.

“At first we were kind of just joking about making some T-shirts and stickers, but then we actually starting getting orders from people wanting them and we realized it could turn into something pretty cool,” says co creator Dom Rossi.

They started this company around the beginning of the new year and sales have been great. They sell T-shirts and apparel. Wantagh High School sophomore Mark Russo says, “Their T-shirts are quality for a good price.” But their most popular item is their stickers.

You can find these stickers anywhere from hydroflasks to MacBook computers. Gateway apparel customizes these stickers to your liking. They have amazing price packages so you can find the right deal for you.

Make sure to check them out on instagram @gateway.apparel or online