YouTuber Gets Detained During Live Stream, Shuts Down Entire Block in Brooklyn

Jenna Miller, Editor-in-Chief

A popular YouTuber known as Etika, who became famous reviewing video games on the platform and intentionally tried to get shut down on both YouTube and streaming site Twitch by performing some rather controversial acts, led to the shutdown of an entire block in Brooklyn during his detainment by the NYPD after posting some concerning tweets to his Twitter.

Since April 16, Etika, whose real name is Desmond Amofah, made a series of Tweets about contemplating suicide as well as hating the entire human race, using cultural and racial slurs. Etika claimed that the tweets were “edgy humor”, but the Twitter community didn’t find a single Tweet he made funny. Many were offended by his harsh words. According to Dexerto, prior to sending this series of tweets, “he messaged many prominent YouTubers and personalities asking for verification on Twitter”.

Etika was detained by the NYPD April 29. He shared a livestream on Instagram moments before the detainment, and over 19,000 viewers tuned in. Etika spent the first 30 minutes of the livestream preventing the police from entering his house. His viewers didn’t expect to see police entire Etika’s home or watch him get handcuffed by them while he ranted about how he didn’t know why people he met on the Internet wanted to hurt him. During Etika’s detainment, an entire block in Brooklyn was shut off from transport, leading to frazzled workers being late for their jobs and traffic problems on top of the drama Etika stirred up.

Hours after his detainment, Etika returned to Twitter and continued to make cryptic, concerning tweets of the same nature as his prior ones. Even his friends who followed him on Twitter started to block him, one confirming that Etika has bipolar disease. This is a possible explanation for why he displayed such behavior. According to the International Business Times, “he also shared a photo [to his Twitter] of a hospital summary dated Monday, which showed his chief complaint as a psychiatric problem.”

It is unknown whether or not Twitter or Instagram will take action against Etika following the controversy and detainment.