Did President Trump Forget that Barron is his Son?


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President Trump and his son Barron

Alexa Salerno, Reporter

After Donald Trump’s remarks on September 11, Americans have been concerned with his parenting or lack of parenting to his son Barron Trump, 13. 

When speaking about the dangers of the vaping industry, Trump was asked why his wife, Melania Trump, cares about the subject. He then responded by saying “She has a son.” Then he stuttered before correcting himself by saying “together.” 

People were quick to judge his parenting as he apparently forgot that Barron is also his son. This prompted a quick reaction by late night hosts. On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert mocked him by saying, “The first lady has got a son—together. It’s a mutual son, of course. I’m very involved with the doings of it, and so is the first lady, who is a lovely mother—together—who I love and know her name so well that I won’t waste your time saying it out loud. Tim Apple.” 

Although this could have been a simple blunder, Americans were quick to call Trump out, inferring that he does not raise his son and does not help his wife, Melania with the parenting duties. The President did not comment on this issue specifically however, he did tweet: “While I like the vaping alternative to Cigarettes, we need to make sure this alternative is SAFE for ALL! Let’s get counterfeits off the market, and keep young children from vaping!”