After Over 20 Years, American Dream Mall Finally Has Opening Date

Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

Sometimes the greatest ideas and biggest projects take time to develop. Even if it seems like they might never be finished, these goals are eventually achieved—even if it takes 25 years. Such is the case for the American Dream megamall, which opened its first wings October 25 at the Meadowlands Sports Complex, East Rutherford, New Jersey. The 4,800,000 square foot mall, which will become the 12th-largest mall in the world upon completion, will contain an indoor theme park and water park, a performing arts and concert venue with 3,000 seats, an NHL-sized ice rink, a dine-in cinema, an aquarium, and many more attractions—as well as over 500 stores and eateries. It truly lives up to its name – it’s like a small city enclosed all within one mall, containing stores and experiences beyond anybody’s wildest dreams.

American Dream was first planned by the now-defunct Mills Corporation in 1994. Originally to be called “Meadowlands Mills”, and later “Meadowlands Xanadu” after the acquisition of the project and property by Colony Capital in 2007, construction on the mall stalled following the recessions of the 2008-2009 fiscal year.  Triple Five Group, the current owner of the mall, resumed construction in 2013, and the first parts of the mall were finally ready to open October 25 following all the delays in its planning and construction.

The mall will be opening in phases, beginning with the Nickelodeon Universe theme park and NHL-sized ice rink. The DreamWorks-themed indoor water park will open November 27, followed by the ski slope December 5. The stores, eateries, and other parts of the mall will not open until March 2020.