Wantagh High School Issues Chromebook Rollout to All 11th and 12th-Grade Students

Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

Chromebooks are everywhere these days—and with good reason. The lightweight laptops are a favorite among professionals and school districts for their long battery life, simple UI, and high quality for their budget price. Wantagh High School has long used them to supplement lessons in numerous classes, but the 2019-2020 school year marks the first year that all students in the school will have a personal Chromebook. Formerly, the Chromebooks were distributed to 11th-grade students in the AP Research program only if they had not received a Chromebook prior to then; the current 9th- and 10th-grade students received Chromebooks upon entering high school or when they were in middle school. 

The juniors and seniors received their Chromebooks within the second week of school. 458 Chromebooks were distributed in total. 

Students became accustomed to the Chromebooks quickly. Gianna Barberio, a junior, claimed that many students dreaded having them at first, but once they got them and started to use them frequently, their mixed opinions turned into mostly positive ones.

“Chromebooks are very efficient and feasible for both the student and teacher,” reported senior Juliet Watstein. “They make submitting and sharing of work far easier.” 

The Chromebooks have proven to be successful among the student body. They are utilized in many classes to assist in work, ranging from College Chemistry to follow along with the class notes to AP Spanish to make researching information for presentations easier.