English Honor Society to Debut in 2021

Grace Kane, Editor in Chief

This year, the hard work of Mrs. Lopera, Ms. Flynn, and Director of Secondary English, Mrs. Julie Rosslee, led to the creation of Wantagh High School’s chapter of the National English Honor Society (NEHS). Our school has four honor societies: National, Business, Science, and Language. Now we can add English to that list.

“It is a great opportunity for us,” says Junior Olivia Corwin. “It’s great that we can finally get recognized for our English grades and achievements like we get for science and foreign language.¨

This has created much excitement in students. Seniors have known that the NEHS was in the works for Wantagh for several years, but were unsure if they’d have the opportunity to be inducted. Thankfully, both seniors and juniors can apply to the honor society and be recognized this year. There is even rumor that the induction ceremony will be held on William Shakespeare’s alleged birthday, April 23.

Hopefully we can continue this trend of adding new honor societies by adopting chapters for math and social studies.