Wantagh High School Presents Its First Ever Virtual Show, not Once but Twice! CLUE!

Aidan Schroh, Staff Writer

On the evenings of January 15th and 16th, Wantagh residents were treated to a mystery experience like no other, as the Wantagh High School Theatre released its recordings of Clue. Through the hard work and dedication of Ms. Davis and Ms. Cassidy, the department was able to schedule rehearsals with its two casts, during which they would record the various scenes and later compile them into feature length presentations. 

 The production of Clue was inspired by the 1985 film, and many families have enjoyed game night playing Clue the board game, too! The story sees six guests invited to the mansion of a mysterious host for a night of murder, blackmail and revelation. The guests turn on one another as well as the staff and surprise visitors. Through multiple twists and turns the audience and the characters discover the truth of the mystery.  

Taking advantage of backgrounds, prop weapons, and costumes, the casts were able to retell the story as realistically as possible through their computer screens.  It was a pleasure for the audience to have the opportunity to watch these amazing shows in the comfort of their own homes. 

Each of these two shows had a unique cast of student performers. Cast A included Christian Calabro, Sofia Jennings, Mya Cocchiola, Lauren Daniels, Ellie Breen, Avery Cochikas, Joey Labo, Chris Murale, Jordyn Stein, Emma Alexander, Rebecca Orellana, and Grant Mostransky. 

Cast B included Aidan Schroh, Karlie Rizzi, Samantha Darr, Katrina Koppe, Annalisa Madonia, Harrison Borod, Anthony Lerro, James Veronese, Tessa Kurtzman, Julianna Rose, Lauren Merting, and Erik Hirsch. 

Clue is proof that even in these uncertain circumstances Wantagh High School Theatre can still stand strong. Our community will be treated to more entertainment in the future through the newly announced spring show, Cinderella! Get the popcorn ready!