Jones Beach Seals!

Kelly Baisley, Sports Editor

The seals are back! Over these past few years, people have started to see seals at Jones Beach. They have had walks and tours to see them but unfortunately, it’s a little harder with the coronavirus. They hold tours now in January, February, and March, which means there’s only one more opportunity left. March 10th is the last date to see the seals but don’t worry because they will be back around next winter. These seals have migrated here for winter and it’s an amazing experience. Many people may not know about seals, but they have beautiful species. There are five specific species that come around to Long Island; they include harbor seals, gray seals, harp seals, hooded seals, and ringed seals. They also are known as True seals because they don’t have an external ear flap. So go see the seals today; you won’t regret it!