Unity Day

Angelina Maciak, Reporter

Unity Day is a day in which awareness is brought to students who are bullied, not only in person but also cyberbullying. Unity Day was started by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center as a signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month. People wear orange to show unity and support for students who have been bullied. It is never okay to put someone else down because they are different or to make yourself feel better, and no child should ever experience bullying. 

The Miss Wantagh Court has created a banner for students to sign to show that as a community, we do not support or stand for bullying and that we are there for anyone experiencing bullying. In addition, we made popsicle sticks with positive affirmations on them in hopes that people will take them and pass them along to someone who may really need it. A small quote like “You are special” or “You matter” can really turn someone’s day around. I hope that with this project members of Wantagh Schools and the Wantagh community are impacted in a positive way.