The Return of Academic Team

Allie Frazer

Wantagh’s hidden gem makes its triumphant return. Academic Team, run by retired teacher Mr. Bogatz, makes a comeback to Wantagh High School after being shut down due to COVID-19.

Academic Team is a Jeopardy-esque trivia club, where members travel to compete against other schools. Mr. Bogatz states that it “adds a dimension to the high school experience, being able to go to another high school, meet students of other schools in an academic and social setting.”

This club is welcome to students of all levels of knowledge. Wantagh alumni Travis Minutoli says, “I think anyone who is interested should at least attend one meeting to see if it’s something right for them.” 

Former members of Academic Team have spoken about their experience with Academic Team during their time at Wantagh High School. Katie Frazer says “I gained a love for learning and some great friends from Academic Team.” Melanie Volz says her favorite aspects of this club were “competing with other schools and hanging out with teammates during rounds, trying to answer questions and laughing at each other’s jokes.”

Even though this club is called a “team,” the commitment levels for Academic Team are much lower than any sports team in Wantagh. Mr. Bogatz says, “if a student can compete fifty percent of the time, they are welcome, because I understand the academic team student is someone that might be in band, different honor societies, mathletes, science olympiad, or even a team like track and field.” 

Mr. Bogatz and returning members are happy to be back and competing for Academic Team.