Wantagh Theatre Program Shined our School Color “GOLD” in their Performance of The Outsiders

Aidan Schroh, Reporter

On the weekend of November 19th, the Wantagh High School Theatre department performed The Outsiders, with three evening performances and two matinees, including a special VIP showing! 

Based on the fictional book written by S.E. Hinton, which most of us students had the pleasure of reading in middle school, is a classic story of a boy named Ponyboy, played by Anthony Lerro, who finds himself on the greaser side of the tracks.

 Under the dedication, hard work, and support of our director, Mrs. Kimberly Davis, and a helping hand from the student assistant director, Aidan Schroh, the cast and crew devoted all of their time and energy to The Outsiders. Ms. Davis invited the NYC Combat for Stage and Screen to work with the cast. This professional team taught the students realistic fighting techniques that are being used in the show. 

The Outsiders is a relatable show for students to enjoy. It touches on bullying, which one of the leading roles Johnny, played by Riley Wood, has to endure. It is also a story about brotherhood and the challenges of interactions amongst teens who grow up in different environments and under different influences.

 The Curtis brothers, which included Ponyboy as well as Sodapop, played by Joseph Labo, and Darry, played by Aidan Schroh, have a deep and genuine relationship with each other. Ava Padula performed the role of Dallas, who brings the tough, hardened character to life. Cherry Valance, played by Samantha Darr, helps the audience discover that Socs, too, face emotional challenges. Both Greasers and Socs see the same sunset from their own backyards. 

Some of our other incredible cast members are Trinity Bokelman, Emma Nicholas, Kristien Koppe, Erik Hirsch, Madelyn Hartmann, Emma Alexander, Julianna Rose, Hunter Fasano and Lorenzo Hilliard. 

Alongside these students, the large ensemble helped to tell the story of The Outsiders. Under the technical direction of John Vaiano (WHS alumnus), The Outsiders stage crew was always prepared and ready to assist in many ways. The show also portrays 60 elementary school extras, so it truly was a show for all ages. 

One of the shining stars was Mrs. Hult, the much loved Wantagh Middle School English teacher! This play has a powerful message. We shouldn’t judge others by their appearances or their money. It’s okay to think differently and know you are never alone.