FBLA Takes on The Apprentice

Meghan Tucker, Reporter

Wantagh High School offers a club called Future Business Leaders of America, otherwise known as FBLA. In this club, run by Ms. Compagnino, students in grades nine through 12 work together to volunteer for local businesses, participate in challenges given to us by the association, and fully develop an appreciation for the essentiality and art of business around the nation. 

On Friday, November 12, 2021, Adelphi University asked us to participate in an Apprentice Challenge. Ms. Compagnino, students Nicole Baudo, Samuel Boiko, Michael D’Amico, Ashlee Favata, Tyler Gershengoren, Angelina Maciak, Jack McCarthy, Lauren Rochel, Thalia Valdez, and I went to the school library during periods 3-7 and attended a Zoom with other schools in the area, hosted by the college. 

The goal of this challenge was to create an innovation such as a new product or service, a new business model, a new entertaining experience, or a new partnership or co-branding opportunity for L’oreal. They asked us to create a slideshow that explains an idea that adjusts to the shifts of consumer preferences and expectations that are ever changing with the beauty companies of the world. In each idea introduced, diversity, equity, and inclusion had to be present. Wantagh’s team was able to create an exceptional presentation in just short of an hour. Angelina and Ashlee stepped up to the plate in voicing our ideas to expert business faculty and marketing professionals. 

Ms. Compagnino, who observed the whole event, says, “I saw students that didn’t really know each other come together to solve a real business problem. Everyone had input, ideas and suggestions. Everyone in the room listened to each other and considered each suggestion. Each idea was valued, considered, and built upon. I think that alone made the day worthwhile, however our students got the unique opportunity to solve a real business problem.” 

We were able to absorb the advice given to us by highly respected experts to improve our presentations and outlook toward the challenge. Ms. Compagnino says, “They were able to listen to professionals from L’oreal’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Division and created a solution that was pretty impressive. L’oreal’s executive team was clearly impressed. This kind of opportunity does not come along often to high school students. Our business department is excited to be able to offer opportunities such as this to our students – as they don’t get this anywhere else. I will do this again next year.” 

Although we didn’t win, it was definitely an experience I know all of us want to participate in again. We learned valuable lessons from one of the most famous beauty brands and will continue to use those techniques as we continue to learn about the ins and outs of businesses all across the world.


Tyler Gershemgoren, Jack McCarthy, and Samuel Boiko are hard at work on their presentation. (Mrs. Compagnino)
Nicole Baudo, Samuel Boiko, Michael D’Amico, Ashlee Favata, Tyler Gershengoren, Angelina Maciak, and Jack McCarthy enjoyed participating in the Adelphi Apprentice Challenge.
Lauren Rochel
Meghan Tucker
Thalia Valdez