In Memoriam: Betty White Passes Away

AJ Piazza, Sports Editor

We could blame it on 2021, but the year of 2022 kicked off with one of the worst things to happen: Betty White passed away just weeks before her 100th birthday. This was shocking news to hear. She had no issues and was just living a happy life. She passed away in her sleep but died of natural causes. They found out that she had a heart attack six days before she passed away.

Betty White was a star in The Golden Girls and was also featured in Toy Story 4 and The Lorax and in many other movies. Everyone loved her.  Betty White was a huge supporter of animals. She would participate in many foundations to help any animal especially dogs.  At one point in her life, she was taking care of 26 dogs. That is a LOT of dogs. She said she got her love for dogs from her parents who were both “animal nuts.”

On The Betty White Show in 1954 she wanted to have Arthur Duncan on her show. Arthur Duncan was a Black man and at the time Black people were never on TV shows. The producer of the show didn’t want him to appear, but Betty kept pushing and pushing to keep him on. She didn’t care what anyone thought and she had him on her show.

She was very successful and it was shown in the amount of awards she has won. She had been nominated for 21 Emmys and had won 5 Emmy awards.  She also won one Grammy award and one People’s Choice Award. 

For her 100th birthday, she started a trend even though she wasn’t here physically. For her birthday, the Betty White Challenge was created. This challenge was made to have  people donate to any type of shelter, and it helped raise $12.6 million for many shelters. This is just another way of Betty White inspiring people.

Betty White lived a great life. She inspired many and was a big contributor to animal shelters. She had many accomplishments and was loved by all. What more could you want for a legacy?