Limb Kind: Pushups for a Cause

Allie Frazer, News Editor

On December 1, many students and faculty members competed to see who could complete the most pushups for a great cause— fundraising for prosthetic limbs for kids who cannot afford their own.

This fundraiser was held by the school’s cross country team. Their coach, Mrs. Magnuson, offered the challenge to her team of completing 100 pushups a day as a way of building their fitness. At the end of a month of doing 100 pushups a day, they would see who could do the most pushups in one go. The team then had the idea to turn it into a new and fun way to fundraise for charity. 

After meeting with Dr. Guzzone, they decided that the fundraiser would be a great idea, but they needed a charity to donate to. Mrs. Magnuson came across the Limb Kind Foundation, a charity dedicated to a cause that was very dear to her.

Mrs. Magnuson’s cousin lost a leg fighting in Vietnam, and she had to “watch him struggle with a prosthetic leg.” Along with having a friend who lost an arm in Afghanistan, she is appreciative and grateful for the fact that the kids she coaches have the ability to be fit without having to struggle with prosthetics or be unable to afford them.

Cross country is a very accessible sport for many students. Julia Froese, a member of the team who helped fundraise for this cause, says “I did not know what to expect. However, as soon as I attended my first practice, I knew it would be a huge part of my life for the next four years.” Individuals with disabilities should have the resources that allow them to participate in sports such as cross country, and Froese says that by getting prosthetic limbs, “They are able to participate in more sports that may have not been previously available to them.”

This fundraiser demonstrated the Warrior spirit to Mrs. Magnuson, as she said, “When you see students and faculty come together for a competition for charity, we are reminded that we are fortunate and we can give to those who are less fortunate, fosters mutual respect between her and coworkers as well as students.”

The cross country team raised a total of $650, with the most pushups being completed by Ryan Arbiet, a member of the cross country team. Many students competed along with some teachers, a few being Dr. Guzzone, Mr. Pappas, and Mrs. Caccese, who completed the most amount of pushups amongst the teachers.

Students Bruce Newbery, Stefano Linardi, Ashley Favata, Kat Killian, and Molly DeMille join Mrs. Magnusson, Dr. Guzzone, Mr. Pappas, Mr. Klasson, Mrs. Caccesse, (Wantagh High School)