Punxsutawney Phil Saw a New Kind of Shadow

Caitlin Wiffler, Reporter

Remember when a crayon was a suitable option as a writing utensil? Elementary school: the time for making many magical memories. On February 2, 2022, at the elementary schools, some Wantagh High School students made one of these magical memories by partaking in Groundhog Shadow Day, a day dedicated to students who aspire to become teachers.

The fun-filled day first began with the high school students meeting the teacher they were about to shadow and discussing the plans for the day. One of the best perks of Groundhog Shadow Day was that a few students reconnected with their past teachers!

After catching up with the teacher, the high school students met and introduced themselves to the children in the class. In the case of Kylie Masterson, a junior at Wantagh High School, she was addressed as Ms. Kylie throughout the day by the kindergarten students. She started the day

watching “the groundhog video, and did an activity where the kids guessed if Punxsutawney Phil would see his shadow or not.”

This heartwarming day is mainly for the high school students to experience and observe a day as an elementary school teacher. It is also a lovely opportunity for elementary students to gain another role model. Even just a small act, such as helping a child with a few math problems, is incredibly impactful for both the high schooler and the elementary schooler.

To end the day in the best way, the high school students got pizza at the elementary schools for lunch, where they talked about the best parts of their day. Then, they all departed from the elementary schools back to Wantagh High School, where they wrote a thank you card to the teachers who graciously allowed these students to shadow them. 

Groundhog Shadow Day is thanks to Ms. Compagnino, the Work-based Learning Coordinator. Because of her tremendous efforts, high school students were able to gain a new perspective on the lives of teachers and spent an exciting day with elementary students.

Caitlin Wiffler, an aspiring teacher, took part in the Groundhog Shadow Day. (Caitlin Wiffler)