Chorus Day 2022

Sierra Kenny, Reporter

80 students from grades 5-12 gathered on March 18th, 2022 to continue the annual tradition which had been on pause after the Covid-19 outbreak. In March of 2020, just days before the Wantagh Community shut down, 150 students came together to show the importance of the music program and unified to create the last performance the Wantagh Music Department would see before a year of silence. 

 This program gives high school students the opportunity to pass their love of music onto the next generation of students within the community. Choir students hastily worked on perfecting the Chorus Day repertoire after returning from their Disney Trip. With less than two weeks to prepare, they managed the music for this “Going to the Movies” themed night which consisted of “Lead the Way, “May it Be, and “Let the River Run.” 

Middle and high school students had two hours one-on-one with their vocal part and managed to put together a beautiful performance open to all who wished to attend. Through this process, the 5th-8th grade students were given the opportunity to audition for multiple solos, which were all given to extremely talented young kids. 

Mrs. Cassidy believes “that music is a great way to bring people together while creating music for the community as a whole to enjoy.” Chorus Day is a way of strengthening the relationship of the music community in a memorable and exciting way.