Password Change Causes Stir

Madeline Rose, News Editor

On Friday, September 9, 2022, the Wantagh Schools Administration made the decision to change the usernames and passwords of all student-owned, educational-related accounts, leading to quite a stir both in and out of the classroom. 

Since 2016, every Wantagh student and educator has been issued a personal Chromebook, maximizing the ease and efficiency of learning. However, this incredible development has been prone to controversy over the years- from different websites being blocked, to changes from Google Classroom to Schoology, and more. 

The administrative Department of Informational Systems and Instructional Technology sent out electronic flyers to parents a few days before the change was officially instituted- supposedly giving guardians and students fair time to process the change before it was implemented district-wide. At 5:00 PM on September 9th, the usernames and passwords for every single student in the district were altered, and it took quite a few days for the students to get used to these changes. Administration claims that they took these measures as an extra level of protection and organization. However, the teachers and administration themselves had no change in passwords or usernames, which caused a brief stir within the student community. 

All issues are now resolved and the Wantagh school district is back to thriving. Moreover, this confirms what we all know to be true- that Wantagh is not perfect, but we can always learn and improve. We may face adversity and challenges, but we always come out on top.