Kieth Sachs: Hall of Famer

Riley Henry, Reporter

On September 28, 2022, our very own Keith Sachs was inducted into the Nassau County Athletics Hall of Fame. The ceremony took place at the Crest Hollow Country Club. No one deserves this achievement more than Coach Sachs.  

Keith Sachs has been teaching at Wantagh High School for 34 years and has been a coach for 30. He has coached Varsity Football for 30 years and Varsity Baseball for 28. He has led countless teams to their highest possible achievements: County Finals, LIC, and State Championships. His dedication towards and love of this school is extraordinary. He says “I love working with the kids and watching them grow up and learn and then stay in contact with them through so many great moments.” Many kids, teachers, and coaches appreciate the devotion and dedication that Coach Sachs has given them throughout all of his years. 

At Crest Hollow, Sachs was joined by his family, parents, old high school and college friends, and the entire Wantagh administration. There were endless Alumni from 1994 to 2022 who attended as well. He was ecstatic that all of his loved ones were able to join him on his special night. Coach Sachs feels supported by the school and community and appreciates everyone that attended. Sachs said that he received a ‘glass or plastic’ sculpture, that he “hasn’t even opened yet”, but said that a collection of 100 recommendations put into a book  by Ms.Keane, is his “real award”. Coach said “the induction means the world to me, but the work and effort put in by Ms. Keane, my coaches, family, and alumni is what I appreciate the most.” 

Keith Sachs truly deserves this award and the credit for all he has done for this school, the students, and the community. Wantagh is so proud of him and his unforgettable accomplishments. Congratulations to Keith Sachs, a true ‘Wantagh Warrior’.