New Music Teachers

Elizabeth Kirchner, Reporter

With the arrival of new teachers to Wantagh High School, two new music teachers enter the mix. Eliza Dellamonica conducts regular and honors orchestra and teaches Music Theory. Thomas Brody conducts the middle school orchestras and teaches Audio Engineering and Production. Both teachers are thrilled to work in the Wantagh District and we are thrilled to have them. 

Mrs. Dellamonica says, “For me, teaching music brings students together for a common goal. We work as a team and the students learn how to work together in orchestra, band and chorus.” Mrs. Dellamonica came from one of Wantagh’s elementary schools so coming up to high school kids must have been a great jump. But she has been up to the task. She says, “When we can work together in the music classroom, even if we come from different backgrounds or have other interests, students can bring those teamwork skills to other parts of their lives.” 

Mr. Brody clearly has a passion for all things musical. He says, “I believe that music is a universal language that crosses international borders, making it the perfect language to use to tell stories in. Music is a reflection of life, and life is a reflection of music.” When you have a passionate teacher, you get positive outcomes. He wants the best for his students as he says, “as much as I hope students continue to play music after they leave my class, these are my biggest wishes: that my students use the power of music to elevate the human condition, enhance their critical thinking, to be able to recognize beauty in the simplest or most complex of things, take the skills learned in the classroom and apply them to their own personal niche, to enhance their community they live in, and to overall lead a more fulfilled and joyful life.” 

Creating that safe and positive environment for students creates a better production which is nothing less than what Wantagh High School gives the community.