The Royal Family After Queen Elizabeth

Ava Padulla, Reporter

On September 8th, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully in Balmoral Castle. In her 70 year reign, the beloved Queen had achieved many feats and broken many records. Not only was she the longest ruling British monarch in history, but also the longest ruling female monarch in the world. Some other notable accomplishments of Queen Elizabeth were her contributions to the British Army in World War II, her generous charity work, and her appearance as the first ever British Monarch to address congress in America.

After the Queen’s passing, her eldest son Charles took the throne with an official proclamation on September 10th, 2022. King Charles III is Princess Diana’s ex-husband and the husband of now Queen Consort Camila. Between his affair with Camila and the accusations of his efforts to influence the British government, King Charles is not particularly liked in and outside of England. An Ipsos survey taken in April 2022 revealed that 42% of British people think that Charles should allow his son, Prince William, to take the throne instead of him. 

After Charles, next in line is his oldest son, Prince William. After William, Prince William’s eldest child Prince George would take the throne. The succession after George is as follows: Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, The Duke of Sussex and so on. 

What is the Royal Family like now that the Queen is no longer with them? Naturally, the Royal Family and people across the world are saddened by her death. In 2023, Former Prince Harry and his wife, Megan Markle are releasing a tell-all book called “Spare”, which will likely create further conflict within the Royal Family. Without the Queen and her peaceful ways, this book could create a further divide between Harry and the Royal Family.

Although the future of the Royal Family is uncertain, one thing that is sure is that Queen Elizabeth II was an amazingly strong and caring mother, grandmother, and monarch whose contributions are still relevant and important to this day.