Tragedy Strikes Seaford High School

Madeline Rose, News Editor

On January 8, 2023, tragedy struck our local community when a Long Island teen died in a brutal car accident, and she is near all of our hearts, as well as our homes. Angelia Dominguez was a 16 year old student at Seaford High School, mere miles from our own school. While driving early Sunday morning with three friends, Angelia crashed into a tree on the side of a road in Old Brookville, a village in the Bronx. She was pronounced dead at the scene: as the driver of the speeding vehicle, she became the recipient of full-force trauma when the car hit the tree. 

Friends and family of Angelia are in deep mourning, and the three passengers in her car sustained severe injuries, but luckily are expected to recover. On the road where Angelia died, there is now a memorial placed on a tree right near the scene of the crash. A smiling picture is placed beautifully, surrounded by flowers and a teddy bear, honoring the life and untimely death of Angelia Dominguez. 

Seaford High School officials have announced their dedication to providing students free, easily-accessible grief counseling, and hopefully many students will take advantage of this time to express their sorrows regarding the loss of their peer’s young life. Although there is nothing anyone can do to reverse this terrible accident, we can only hope that Angelia’s death isn’t in vain, and that more students will be extra cautious when driving, as the consequences for themselves and the community is heart wrenching.

All the students and staff at Wantagh High School send our love to our friends over at Seaford High School, and hope that this terrible accident will not repeat itself.