Beloved Custodian is a Children’s Author

AJ Rojas, Reporter

If you’re walking the halls after school you’re sure to encounter the smiling, singing cleaner Mr. Larry Dupkin. What you may not know is that the retired commercial printer is also a children’s book author. Mr. Dupkin took the bedtime stories he often told his children and recently brought them to life in the form of a book. Jeb on the Farm is a bedtime story about a boy named Jebediah T. Hornswaggle who gets into all kinds of trouble on the family farm.

Mr. Dupkin met with Mrs. Magnuson’s Journalism class and Mr. Rafferty’s English classes to talk about the book writing process from idea to publication, including finding publishers who believe in his story and illustrators who were able to bring his “family” and their adventures to life.

The farm is home to Jeb, his younger sister Missy, Daddy, Momma, and Grandpa. Mr. Dupkin described Jeb as a mischievous but loving boy. His little sister, Missy, is always stirring the pot but gets away with it. Momma loves to cook for the family and her signature recipes can be downloaded from Mr. Dupkin’s website: The Hornswaggles are a delightful family who warm the hearts of their audience.

Jeb’s adventures are far from over as Mr Dupkin, in collaboration with his 19 year old son Nicholas, is currently writing Jeb Goes to School. While the story was still in his head, Mr. Dupkin’s own children delighted in following Jeb into many different scenarios. Therefore, Mr. Dupkin plans on continuing writing about Jeb and his family while adding new elements and locations.

Jeb on the Farm was released by his publisher, Blue Balloon Books on March 14. If you would like to attend one of Mr. Dupkin’s events, he will be signing books at the Massapequa Barnes and Noble on April 29th at 11:00 AM. If you’d like more information or would like to buy the book, visit his website at