Hang 10 at School

Samantha Scibelli, Reporter

After school activities are fun to participate in. Playing sports such as football or doing clubs. Most schools have the same sports, probably because they are most popular. Some kids can’t find a sport they would like to play at school. Could you imagine playing a diverse sport after school? Then you might want to think about moving to Hawaii.

If you’re one of those kids not interested in the usual school sports like soccer, football, and baseball you should try to convince your school to add your favorite sport. Hawaii is going to be the first state in the nation to make surfing a school sanctioned activity.

Funding, liability, safety concerns and other things are making it hard for this sport to become part of the extra-curricular activities. The first year will cost around $150,000 dollars. The state governor is determined to make it work. The funding will come from interested corporate sponsors and people from the community. Surfing was approved to be a sport May of 2004 but it will start spring of 2013.

Hawaii is the birthplace of surfing. It is recreational and competitive. People from all over go to Hawaii just to surf. Hawaii is also home to many professional surfers, such as Duke Kahanamoku an Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer. He is also known as the modern day father of surfing. Many surfers say that this sport taught them life lessons. They learned patience, perseverance, hard work and time management. Think about life is like surfing sometimes you fall down but you learn to get back up and keep trying.

The competitions for the school will be much like the pro competitions. There will be an individual boy’s championship, an individual girl’s championship, and team championships. The surfers get judged numerically. The score is based on the maneuvers you do and the type of wave. By adding surfing to the list Hawaii will have 19 different sports, the most in the nation.